We’re more than invested.

What we work on, and who we work with, matters.

If we’re betting on you, there’s a good reason for it. We admire your drive and desire to solve big problems. We love to fuel progress and help bring new ideas to life.


Our approach separates us from typical investors. We don’t just fund and forget. We’re in the trenches with you, helping you problem-solve and navigate what’s next. That’s the part we like.


In short, we are tenacious advocates for early-stage companies. We offer capital and guidance for like-minded entrepreneurs in multiple industries, with a focus on digital health and wellness, as well as financial technology.

We’ve been down this road before.

For over a decade, we spent our time and energy growing businesses and backing early-stage, financial technology ventures. We had a knack for guiding new entrepreneurs and took great pride in seeing them flourish.


With our fintech strategy firmly established, we decided to add a new area of focus. We spent two years examining trends and looking at our core beliefs. We care deeply about backing idea-driven technology companies that change the world in positive ways. Ultimately, we realized digital health and wellness was the perfect place to focus.


For us, it’s a natural addition. We’ve built and scaled businesses before. We understand complex, highly-regulated industries. And we’re still using our grit and determination to invest in technology that improves wellbeing. Moving forward, we’ll continue to invest in companies that fit our ethos. Although to us, it’s more than investing. We’re helping build companies that find better solutions to real problems.

Let’s Get to Work

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