Digital health & Wellness

We’re about healthy outcomes.

At Route 66, we’re investing in companies that advance wellbeing and improve human healthspan.

We’re looking for fearless innovations and next-gen models that emphasize prevention over sick-care; address root-causes over symptom-treatment; and provide individualized approaches that help people live longer, healthier lives.

These new technologies help consumers in ways our current health system can’t. Using data to draw insights, these companies help people understand how food, lifestyle, and environment affect wellbeing. Over time, this benefits human health in big ways.

That’s Me

We’re built for this.

Bold, innovative technology is our true passion

We care deeply about building a better tomorrow

We have diverse skill sets, giving us a creative edge in new industries

Our nimble capital structure lets us shift quickly and explore new approaches

We understand highly-regulated industries moving toward consumer empowerment