Driving positive change.

At Route 66, we’re not just looking for the next big thing.
We’re looking for companies that create better solutions to universal problems.

This is why we focus on financial services and digital health. These are the cornerstones of sustained wellbeing. And to us, that’s more valuable than temporary joy.

Digital Health & Wellness

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Financial Technology

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We invest in early-stage companies with untapped potential.

We love discovering new companies with high upside. Typically, our initial investment ranges from $500K – $4M. But in certain cases, we’ll invest more or less, depending on stage, situation, and syndicate.

The evaluation process starts here.

When assessing your business, we rely on two fundamentals. The first is long-term trends. These include macroeconomic, demographic, consumer behavioral, technological, and regulatory factors. The second is value proposition; how your business model, approach, or technological innovation fundamentally changes the status quo.