Payzer’s flagship product, Payzerware, is an all-in-one management tool that helps contractors grow and manage their businesses. Payzer helps customers by providing reliable software that addresses everyday problems and offering financial tools that optimize cash flow and growth. The company’s goal is to provide quality products at fair prices, while being honest and straightforward throughout … Continued

Next Capital

NextCapital’s mission is to help everyone retire successfully. Their Digital Advice Platform is a holistic service built around the investor, offering world-class advice at an affordable price. It’s the only service that offers integrated planning, advice, and portfolio management, all in one place. Because of this breadth of services, NextCapital serves a range of investors, … Continued


Moven creates mobile money-management apps to help modernize banking. Their applications analyze financial data, social influence, and shopping patterns. Additional features include instant receipts and various tools to help users understand and manage their spending.


Motionsoft is a leading gym management software bundle in the health and fitness industry. Their location-based, cost-of-ownership pricing helps operators and owners manage their financial operations by understanding the exact cost of their gym management software. Motionsoft’s software is also available to customers using a cloud-hosted, SaaS solution that allows various entities versatile configuration and … Continued


Moneyfarm helps people make better decisions with their money. Too many people overpay for money management services that trade too often, or too little, which costs customers over time. With better asset allocation, a long-term perspective, and tighter risk-analysis, people can achieve more with their money. Moneyfarm’s digital investment advice and fully-managed portfolios have helped … Continued


Maxwell helps lenders build thriving businesses. They do this by building enterprise software and products that make mortgage lending simpler and more accessible. To date, Maxwell’s digital mortgage platform powers hundreds of mortgage lending institutions nationwide, including non-depository mortgage banks, credit unions, brokers, and community banks.


Judopay is the only mobile-centric PSP on the market, offering world-class mobile checkouts to increase conversions. The company started in 2012 as a response to frustrating, friction-filled checkouts. Unlike traditional PSPs, Judo has broken away from the all-in-one cookie cutter platform, giving businesses a flexible payment orchestration solution designed to drive sales and improve the … Continued


Hydrogen lets developers build sophisticated FinTech applications in just minutes. Their innovative API cuts the cost of building and running apps for saving, investing, insurance, and wellness. Hydrogen also created Hydro blockchain—the public ledger for financial services. Hydrogen’s goal is to help digitize the financial lives of over one billion people, worldwide.


DriveWealth uses their mobile investment platform to give FinTech disruptors, financial institutions, and global brands an easier, more accessible way to invest. With their full-stack, cloud-based, and API-driven solutions, DriveWealth powers innovative investment experiences around the world. By embedding investing into new and existing digital experiences, their global partners can now turn everyday consumers into … Continued

Digital Insurance Group

Digital Insurance Group (DIG) is a technology company serving insurers, banks, and brokers—worldwide. They enable clients to innovate at record speeds within their existing IT architecture. DIG’s cutting-edge technology allows for easy integration of internal or external data. DIG also helps launch new insurance propositions quickly, including customer engagement and agent platforms, mobile apps, customer … Continued